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Weather in Opatija

  • Sat 9 °C
  • Sun 9 °C
  • Mon 5 °C
  • Tue 5 °C
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Opatija Croatia – Elegance on the Croatian Riviera

With its rich history, elegance and unrivaled beauty, Opatija in Croatia has become one the most popular holiday accommodation destinations in Central Europe.

Nestled on the banks of the Adriatic Sea, the charm of the Opatija Riviera is undeniable. The city's tourism tradition dates back more than 170 years. The first hotels built along the Adriatic were constructed in this scenic coastal town.

With an ideal climate and location, Opatija has been a fashionable haven for some of the world's most famous scholars and dignitaries.

Walk along the Lungomare, the 12 kilometer seafront promenade, or through one of the many parks and your senses immediately come alive. Sights of stunning architecture, scents of lush gardens, sounds of a cultural city buzzing, tastes of unique culinary dishes – Opatija truly is a setting for an unforgettable holiday.

Business or pleasure, relaxing or active, winter or summer, daytime pursuits or nightlife – Opatija offers every visitor enjoyment and elegant accommodation. Welcome!