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Advent in Opatija

AdventAdvent can begin no earlier than 27 November and no later than 3 December, and it ends on Christmas Eve, 24 December. Ever since medieval times, the faithful wake up early at dawn to go to church and attend the Christmas matins. This mass has a penitential meaning because the faithful have to get up very early. The custom of eating and drinking moderately during Advent has remained preserved right up to the present day, for this is the season of fasting, joy and expectation.

The season of Advent in Opatija is a time of expectant waiting and preparations for the celebration of Christmas. Every Sunday in Advent, one candle on the Advent wreath is lit. On the Opatija Riviera children traditionally decorate the house with sage, ivy or fir boughs. The most beautiful symbol of Christmas is definitely the Christmas tree with presents for the dearest ones. We wish you a peaceful and blessed Advent in Opatija!

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