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Moscenicka Draga – Secluded splendor in Croatia

Historic Moscenicka Draga

Moscenicka Draga was formed in the 19th century when inhabitants of Moscenice, a medieval town situated on a hilltop above, decided to move closer to the sea and develop a new community. Founded as a fishing village, today Moscenicka Draga has a small marina, a symbol of what the city was established upon.

It has a true Mediterranean atmosphere from the architecture to the everyday way of life. Over the years, more and more travelers found out about this little secret along the Adriatic Coast and helped turn it into what it is today – a top tourist destination on the Opatija Riviera.

Moscenicka Draga accommodation

With an atmosphere that exudes tranquility and peacefulness, you would expect similar characteristics from the accommodations. And you will get them in Moscenicka Draga's lodging.

Hotel Mediteran offers private balconies overlooking the marina, where the calm waters can be heard washing gently against the boats. Hotel Marina is home to the Five Elements Wellness & Spa center, one of the best health resorts on the entire Adriatic Coast. A day of revitalization is the ideal treatment after a sightseeing trip.

Private apartments surrounded by the green plant life of nearby Mt. Ucka and seafront villas also highlight the places to stay in the quaint town.

Why Moscenicka Draga?

Set on the banks of the gorgeous Kvarner Bay, the town boasts a two-kilometer long pebble beach, known locally as Sipar, believed by many to be the most stunning in the region. Follow the pebbles and find hidden coves and cliffs for the ultimate in natural beauty and privacy. St. Ivan beach and the naturist beach Senjavac are also in the vicinity.

From the clear waters of the Adriatic comes the freshest seafood, which can be found all over town. Be sure to try Kvarner's and Draga's scampi, a true delicacy of the region.

Moscenice, the medieval town that sits on a hill above Moscenicka Draga, has many sights, including centuries-old churches (Church of St. Andrew, Church of St. Bartholomew, Church of St. Sebastian and Chapel of the Cross on Mount Calvary).

What to see and do in Moscenicka Draga?

  • Sipar, the famous two-kilometer long pebble beach
  • Carnival festival in January-February
  • The Day of St. Marina, the patron saint of Moscenicka Draga
  • Tour the many villas that date over 100 years old
  • Sightseeing in Moscenice, Brsec and Kraj
  • Ucka Nature Park
  • Many sport options, including the Moscenicka Draga football club
  • Five Elements Wellness and Spa center in Hotel Marina

Featured Accommodation

Located in Moscenicka Draga

Hotel Marina

Offering numerous services and entertainment options, Hotel Marina is wonderful for families.

Activities for Kids Activities for Adults Bank Lift Playground Children's pool Fitness Internet Corner Air conditioned Congress hotel Pets Medical practice Family hotel Parking space Restaurant Diving Table Tennis Tennis Indoor swimming pool Outdoor pool Wellness & Revitalization Wi-Fi Entertainment

Price from 82

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Located in Moscenicka Draga

Hotel Mediteran

Near the famous pebble beach and Mt. Ucka, Hotel Mediteran is in a picturesque setting.

Lift Internet Corner Pets Parking space Restaurant Diving Seafront hotel Wi-Fi Entertainment

Price from 78

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