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Carnival Opatija

From 17.01.2019 until 06.03.2019

There are many reasons to visit Opatija - one of them is the Carnival. Experience the magical carnival atmosphere in Opatija, bring your funniest masks along and join thousands of visitors who come to Opatija to enjoy this unique traditional event.

The carnival in Opatija starts with the raising of the carnival flag. The central event is the Rijeka Carnival, which in this town is considered to be the "fifth season of the year". As the venue of the large carnival parade within the International Carnival in Rijeka, the entire town is ruled by the masks in this period. The parade includes traditional masks, carnival groups and floats - more than 100 carnival groups are expected this year in Rijeka.

We invite you to visit this great carnival event and experience first-hand the famous motto of the Rijeka Carnival: "BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE! COME TO THE RIJEKA CARNIVAL!"

This year, the funniest season lasts a bit less than a month. The culmination of the carnival is on 6.03. This is the day when people traditionally pass judgement on the Pust (the puppet that is held responsible for everything that went wrong in the last year). 

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