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Opatija Weather and Climate

  • Sat 9 °C 4 °C
  • Sun 9 °C 4 °C
  • Mon 5 °C 3 °C
  • Tue 5 °C 3 °C
  • Wed 3 °C 2 °C
  • Thu 6 °C -2 °C
  • Fri 8 °C 4 °C

Climate overview

Situated on the shores of the Kvarner bay, at the spot where the Adriatic Sea cuts deepest into the heart of central Europe and combines the continental and Mediterranean climates together, the Opatija Riviera has always been popular among trendy European travelers. In Opatija, weather is one of the biggest advantages over other tourist destinations.

Characteristics of the weather in Opatija Riviera

  • average summer air temperature is 22° C
  • average winter air temperature is 7° C
  • Sea temperatures range from a low of 9°C in the winter to a high of 26°C in the summer
  • The Riviera averages about 2100 sunny hours per year

Weather in Lovran, Opatija, Moscenicka Draga

Weather in Lovran and other smaller towns of the Riviera has also been a major factor in their development as popular health resorts and whilst for example Lovran is only 10 kilometers from Opatija, the weather in Lovran can differ to that of Opatija due to their position in relation to Ucka Mountain.

Both, Opatija and Lovran have mild winters and the summers are warm but rarely unbearably hot as they might be further south. This specific microclimate is owed not just to their seaside location but even more so to the Mt. Ucka, a well-wooded massif at the foot of which most of the Opatia Riviera is situated.

Healing air quality

Constant air breeze, mixed with aerosols from the sea and the scents of rich vegetation of Ucka Mountain in the background allowed Opatija and Lovran to develop as climatic rehabilitation centers.

Also, due to the position of the Učka Mountain which dominates over the area, the sun sets earlier in the summer months, allowing for pleasant and never too hot summer nights and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Winds in the region

The winds blowing most frequently in the region are the almost legendary “bura” (northwesterly) and “jugo” (southerly), while during the summer you can enjoy the light breeze of the “maestral” (westerly), or the morning wind “tramontana” (northerly) which is very popular among windsurfers and sailors.

  • bura - blows from the northwest
  • jugo - blows from the south
  • maestral - blows from the west, during the summer, usually in the afternoon
  • tramontana - blows from the north, usually in the morning during the summer

Weather and tourism go hand in hand

These unique characteristics of weather in Opatija combined with high salinity levels in the sea were the reason why the town was declared a health resort back in 1889. The Riviera is ideal for rejuvenating the body and soul, especially in the autumn, winter and spring months. Because of its charecteristic climate, Opatija Riviera is one of few places in Croatia that attracts tourists all year round.