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Why choose Opatija for a wellness holiday?

Where it all began...

Wellness in Opatija was officially born in 1889, when the town took the first step towards establishing itself as a recognised wellness holiday centre. This was the year when Opatija officially gained the status of a royal health resort within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was designated a Kurort (Spa Resort). This German word specifically signifies that a region is particulary suitable for medical treatments related to well-being and wellness because of the presence of natural remedies within the area's soil, water or climate.

Wellness in Opatija takes off

Early 20th century Opatija RivieraOpatija's first hotel, the Hotel Kvarner which opened in 1884 was originally designed to be a sanatorium for the 'chest-diseased'. Within a period of thirty years Opatija was a thriving wellness and health resort. By 1914, Opatija was home to five open sea baths, two specialist health institutes, seven sanatoria and a number of specialist facilities capable of providing hydrotherapeutic treatments. Around sixty medical practitioners drawn from around the world were located in Opatija offering a wide variety of wellness related treatments.

So what exactly is wellness?

The word wellness, as related to treatments beneficial to health, originally comes from the phrase 'high level wellness' popularly credited to Halbert L. Dunn, an American physician who started using the phrase in the late 1950's in his book entitled 'High Level Wellness'.

Wellnes treatments aim to promote and foster a lifestyle that results in a person feeling in good shape and having plenty of energy. Being fitter and feeling good about yourself can help combat fatigue, whether at home or in the workplace. Psychologically, a better level of wellness can result in a better disposition and temperament.

Wellness treatments can take many forms and include Feng-Shui, massage, yoga, sauna,water, heat and sound therapies to name a few.

Where to find treatment for wellness in Opatija

In Opatija, wellness is now a significant part of the tourist offering, with the number of wellness and spa resorts constantly increasing. Almost every hotel has its own wellness and spa center that vary in philosophy and available treatments, massages and rituals. As the regional leader in the tourist industry, Liburnia Riviera Hotels manages a recognizable brand – Five Elements – a term that symbolizes quality and high standards of wellness in Opatija.

Five Elements Wellness & Spa – Hotel Ambasador

Five Elements Wellness & Spa AmbasadorThe original concept of the Five Elements Wellness & Spa brand is a unique combination of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and modern wellness programs.  By synergizing spiritual and physical elements – through a unique ambience, an individual approach and specific programs – you discover a newer, deeper sense of your body’s well-being and health. The Five Elements story starts in the Hotel Ambasador with the element of WATER which has particular importance in Feng Shui as the symbol of life.

The calm surface of a pool of water, or bubbles in a large whirlpool can be extremely therapeutic.  Cold water fog, warm tropical rain, the heat of sauna steam, ice cubes invigorating your skin.  All these can be experienced with a panoramic view of the Adriatic sea. Your experience of water will never be the same again!

Five Elements Wellness & Spa – Hotel Marina

The Five Elements center of the Hotel Marina in Moscenicka Draga continues the theme with the second element, the element of the EARTH. The earth symbolizes the nourishing substance from which all living things emerge and to which they eventually return. It also symbolizes harmony, both of rooms and of people.

Five Elements Wellness & Spa MarinaFind happiness and contentment in the 800 square meters of this Opatija wellness center that offers complete relaxation away from the noise of everyday life in a gentle, isolated oasis of peace. The imaginative entrance, uniquely designed reception area, and kind, professional members of staff will make sure your first impression is a very pleasant one. The outer world slowly disappears… only the sound remains… the initial element of the earth…

The Five Elements Wellness & Spa Marina offers a wide range of treatments some of them quite unique, like the Tibetan Bowls Sound Ritual. The sound breaks blockages in the physical body and soothes the emotional and spiritual body. The extraordinary therapeutic power of sound has a beneficial effect on removing stress and relieving pain, sleeplessness, headaches and other disturbances.

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