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Five Elements Wellness & Spa – The story of the five elements

Five Elements Wellness & Spa Five Elements Wellness & Spa

Five elements for health and longevity

Balance is achieved through the interaction of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Each element supports the others, thus maintaining the stability of the body and balance. The five elements are the basis of the world we live in, and are in harmony with the seasons (spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter) and five organs in the human body: the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Five ElementsIn spring, we cleanse our body of toxins. Nature thrives, everything comes to life, and the human body and blood are strong and full of energy. When you go to a wellness centre in spring, look for body detoxification treatments. In summer, we adapt to high temperatures, and the body loses water and must be strengthened. We use treatments and rituals with the aim of mineralisation. In autumn, we compensate for what we have lost in the previous period and look for body and facial treatments that will prepare us for the coming winter. In winter, we try to maintain a balance between the body and cold environment by using treatments and rituals that will strengthen our organism and help it fight possible flu and colds.

Five Elements Wellness & Spa

Guided by the philosophy of the five elements, adapted to short weekend getaways that are so necessary with today's hectic way of life, we have developed a unique wellness concept in Opatija under the name of Five Elements. Continuing the rich tradition of Opatija as a spa and health resort, whose foundations were laid back in the 19th century, this concept is special because of its combination of ancient oriental philosophy with modern western wellness trends. In addition to the treatments, an important part of the concept is the philosophy of harmonious interior design (feng shui) based on the belief of achieving harmony with nature and natural energy forces. Rooms decorated in this style attract happiness, health and wellbeing.

Visit some of the wellness hotels on the Opatija Riviera and feel a part of the Five Elements Wellness & Spa magic yourself!

Featured Accommodation

Located in Opatija

Hotel Ambasador

The five-star Hotel Ambasador offers top wellness, dining, lodging and service in a seafront setting.

Activities for Kids Activities for Adults Lift Fitness Garage Internet Corner Air conditioned Congress hotel Pets Parking space Premium Hotel Entrance for disabled Restaurant Rooms for the disabled Indoor swimming pool Outdoor pool Private beach Wellness & Revitalization Wi-Fi Entertainment

Price from 138

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Located in Moscenicka Draga

Hotel Marina

Offering numerous services and entertainment options, Hotel Marina is wonderful for families.

Activities for Kids Activities for Adults Bank Lift Playground Children's pool Fitness Internet Corner Air conditioned Congress hotel Pets Medical practice Family hotel Parking space Restaurant Diving Table Tennis Tennis Indoor swimming pool Outdoor pool Wellness & Revitalization Wi-Fi Entertainment

Price from 82

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